The meeting of FIMAC at the Circolo della Marina – Rome, 27 May 2013

On the afternoon of May 27, members of the FIMAC Onlus (International Foundation of Physicians for Central Africa), together with its associates and those interested, met in Rome at the Circolo della Marina to publicize the initiatives and activities of the non-profit association for the support and improvement of health conditions of Burundi, a small nation in Central Africa.

Thanks to the heartfelt participation of surgeons, this foundation is making possible free medical/surgical care, a goal unthinkable until a few years ago, for the inhabitants of this small sub-equatorial African country. The missions now monthly, are under the guidance of the founder of FIMAC, Prof. Vincenzo Monti, an orthopaedic surgeon of 87 years. With passion and tenacity he coordinates the association and the other doctors and goes to Burundi himself at least three times a year to lend his tremendous help. Prof. Monti founded this association, has guided it alone for 20 years and has managed to convey his love for this nation, its people and this mission to other orthopaedic surgeons of all ages, from young doctors, such as Dr. Stefano Carbone (Communications Manager) and Dr. Roberto Lanzone, to the more experienced physician, such as Dr. Piero Petricca, Dr. Pietro Ortensi, Prof. Cosimo Tudisco and Prof. Francesco Falez.

At the Circolo della Marina meeting, with an emotional ceremony, Prof. Monti passed on the baton to Prof. Francesco Falez, the surgeon whom he has chosen to succeed him as head of the mission. Upon receiving the ebony totem pole carved by an artist in Burundi from Prof. Monti, Prof. Falez pledged with enthusiasm to carry forward the mission, to improve and better sanitary conditions in Burundi. Under his direction the foundation will be able to complete many projects, such as the rehabilitation gymnasium for the functional recovery of patients and the implementation of other sports facilities.


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