June 2009: Ophthalmology

In an attempt to meet the demands of the population, a fully equipped eye clinic has been established in the hospital of Bubanza. It contains all the necessary tools to perform a complete eye examination such as a slit lamp biomicroscope, keratometer, ophthalmoscope, trays of trial lenses, eye charts, and ocular tonometry. Unfortunately, this equipment is used only during the short periods when an Italian specialist comes to the hospital.
Since only minor eye surgery can be performed at the hospital, it is hoped that in the near future an operating room dedicated solely to ophthalmology will be equipped where routine operations can be performed such as for cataracts, glaucoma, strabismus and other pertinent interventions.
Presently under construction is a second outpatient facility in Kamenge, one of the most populous neighbourhoods of Bujumbura neighbourhood. This location will facilitate the demand of the inhabitants.
If any ophthalmologist is interested in participating, please email us and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Francesco Rosa

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