Burundi August 2013

Between August 4 and 25, two young orthopedic surgeons from Rome, Dr. Stefano Carbone and Dr. Paolo Albino, made yet another mission for FIMAC onlus in Burundi. During these three summer weeks the two doctors did a lot of hard work which can be synthesized with a number: 43. This is the number of interventions that were carried out, an indication of the continuous need of medical care that the Burundian population requires. Many with fractures filled the operating room at the Bubanza Hospital, leaving little room for rest. The two doctors also visited the new gym of the hospital, newly built and totally funded by AIM Group International. With this new grant and the indispensable help of some willing physiotherapist, it will finally be possible to follow more closely the post-operative patients, giving them an indispensable part of orthopedic treatment, the post-operative rehabilitation.

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