I remember when my mother would take me to buy new shoes in Via del Teatro in Rome, light brown calfskin boots with laces, leather soles with that good smell of quality leather tanned with oil. The shopkeeper gave his little customers a plaything – usually a toy car. I left the shop with new shoes on my feet, a toy in hand and in a state that I think was as close to happiness as one can imagine. At school, during recess, I would take care not to spoil them while playing ball. I believe these feelings are common to children in all latitudes. I confirmed this when I saw the expression of joy on the faces of our little patients in Bubanza as I gave them beautiful new shoes from Italy.
This was made possible thanks to the generous gift of Margherita Caccetta, heir to the prestigious company of the same name of orthopaedic footwear located in Rome. Mrs. Caccetta provided us with a large quantity of shoes, some already delivered to the Sisters of St. Teresa of Calcutta in Bujumbura, others destined to our patients in Bubanza and to the orphanage attached to the Hospital. These orthopaedic shoes are very useful for corrective and post-operative purposes.
Thanks again for this important gift.

Pietro Ortensi


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